Praise for SKYLIGHT

"With Skylight, Jones delivers a thrilling debut that transports us across realms. Readers are sure to cheer on heroes Sofia and Cara, both because of their unwavering friendship and the unique strengths they rely on to do what is right. I could not get enough of the Thai-inspired worldbuilding as well as the way this story challenges traditional views of good versus evil. I'm sure readers young and old will surely be demanding future installments of this unique and gripping series!"

GEORGE JREIJE ~ Author of the Shad Hadid series

When I started reading the book, I did not know that it was a middle-grade book. After about 2 chapters I realized it 😂. But I did not stop reading it because it was interesting. I loved the vibe and kept reading. I wanted to know about the story of Sofia and what will happen to her. On the whole, the book is very well-written with no plot holes, no discrepancies, or anything out of context. If you are trying to get your kids into the reading habit, you should start with this one. 

QUILLS AND PAGES ~ Book Reviewer

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